Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Summer is afoot and our little band of brethren and a bebe is on a break while I mix our first EP, which is as-yet-untitled, and various members do various summer things for a little bit.

Our first three shows, (one at melrose, one at The End, and one at Rocketown as a benefit for the flood) went along.....swimmingly? We almost played a new song that'll be on that EP at Rocketown, and by almost I mean we played it and it didn't go so.....swimmingly? But as we were finishing recording the EP things were going well so we're all stoked to get back in a couple months and get it goin again.

What I DO know is that the EP will be free and downloadable and will get posted here, so if you're interested in getting it, I would subscribe to the blog with your Google account whatever internet thingz the internet does.

- Casey